We are Hakam Enterprise

Our mission is to provide excellent professional services to as many people as possible. We specialize in building trust amongst our customers.

Hakam Enterprise is a group of private equity investors that own and operate multiple eCommerce businesses. Our focus has been to develop dynamic, innovative and impacting companies.

Our 10 year journey has led us to identify, build and enhance our portfolio of more than 12 companies. Our team of professionals around the world are based out of offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.

We train our management teams to give strategic guidance on a variety of operational improvements, including technical development and IT optimization, procurement, revenue growth and continuous education and training for our team and leadership. This process-centric approach helps our core portfolio of companies launch new initiatives, upgrade systems and technologies and make transformative improvements to support long-term strategies.

At Hakam Enterprise, we hold everyone to achieving meritocracy in the workplace. Our team has built a reputation and history of contributing cutting-edge ideas, going beyond daily tasks, and achieving stellar results! We believe that hard work, perseverance, humility and honesty can go a long way. We are constantly looking for situations in which we see something and are able to add value in a way that our competitors do not.

We will continue to create positive economic impact and add long-term value for our companies, and within the communities in which we work. Our firm will seek to provide growth opportunities and continue to encourage our people – their dedication, hardwork, integrity and creativity. We are young, motivated and unstoppable – this is just the beginning of our portfolio of companies!


When it comes to healthcare our teams are second to none in helping our customers get their professional certificates as fast, easy, and economically as possible. We understand the value of health, and we appreciate the returns of education. We provide services that support both pillars of our industry. We see this not as a business, but as an investment into smarter, healthier people.


We take education seriously at Hakam Enterprise. With our plethora of companies dedicated to the support and care of the healthcare industry we hope to be a beacon of knowledge to professionals everywhere. Wether they are just looking for better practices, or certificates to advance in their careers, we provide it all.


Our performance is superior through making goal-oriented tasks clear and achievable. Our success cannot be measured in profits alone but in the excellent service and knowledge, and joy we have spread throughout the world.