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As a company we aim to build a strong and diverse portfolio of projects that provide professional quality service to all of our clients. We believe in an approach where simple technical excellence and the development of warm customer relationships go hand-in-hand.

We believe in simple and accurate processes, not the complex. We develop projects where we believe we can make a lasting and significant contribution. We work on fewer projects so we can truly focus on what is important to our values.

Along with projects in systems development and business analytics, we strive to develop in the education sector. Through various healthcare course trainings, we work to promote, preserve and improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

We aim to build upon educational and experiential bases of professionals and the public at large by developing curriculum that provides theoretical background, practical experience and knowledge in the field.

At Hakam Enterprise we do not settle for anything less than excellence in every company we develop. We govern ourselves by the concepts of transparency and meritocracy. At the core, we value collaborative research, innovative ideas, push to break boundaries and have the courage to change and affect change.


Our Portfolio

We believe our work speaks for itself! We are proud of our role as a positive catalyst for the companies in our Private Equity Portfolio. You can browse our portfolio of companies below.

Cool Glow is an online, party supply store that sells novelties, toys, party supplies and light up items. With a B2C client base, we provide a year-round source for party supplies. We offer high-quality customer service and are dedicated to making our clients’ shopping experience fun, simple and satisfying.

Fun Central is a distributor and manufacturer for over 2,000 novelty products. We place great emphasis on quality and professional service. Fun Central is targeted to meet the demands of wholesalers and retailers. We offer competitive pricing, variety, and a large, updated catalog of products.

CGN Promotions is focused on providing quality promotional products at competitive pricing. We strive to provide excellent customer service. We print logos, tag lines and messages for fundraisers, promotional needs, corporate events and more on fun-filled, novelty items.

Our nationally-approved health trainings, such as CPR and First Aid, are developed to enhance theory development, and provide continuing education and practice for individuals enrolled in our courses. Our course curriculum is continuously monitored and updated to adhere to changing national standards and research.

ACCA builds upon educational and experiential bases of healthcare professionals and the public at large by developing curriculum (for CPR, First Aid and additional health care courses) that are accurate, easy-to-understand and beneficial to the public. Our goal is to train to save lives!

Developing on cutting-edge training methods, provides professional PALS and ACLS training for healthcare providers around the nation. Our course curriculum is easy-to-understand, comprehensive and developed by doctors and professionals in the field.

LogoWorld provides quality customized and imprinted goods. We print logos and designs for promotional companies. Our fun, novelty items are great for a range of consumers and businesses.

Glominex manufacturers glow-in-the-dark glow paint and its materials for wholesale and distribution. Products are patented and are developed in the U.S. with our proprietary formula. We distribute our products to various party stores, events, corporations, marketing events and other wholesale / retail channels.

Seller Mobile is a SAAS based marketplace tool that helps sellers and brand owners improve quality listings and achieve increased sales. Orders and revenue can be tracked easily and the tool can help to better build and analyze the marketplace selling business.

Instant Business Leads connects businesses to the customers they want to connect to. We provide high-quality mailing lists for target consumers and businesses. Our clients can build growth strategies and increase revenue through our extensive database of consumers – converting leads into sales!

Instant CPE Credits is an online education portal comprised of experts committed to helping CPA professionals finish CPE requirements. Our CPE courses are developed by industry pioneers and professionals in the field. Our company will follow all NASBA guidelines for CPE courses.


Value Propositions

At Hakam Enterprise, we make our portfolio of companies more productive, valuable and efficient by implementing clear and strategic operational changes. We develop a plan that evaluates company challenges and provide guidance to optimize a company’s growth and allow it to reach maximum potential.

Our experienced executive board and professional team has a successful track record and extensive global network. As highly motivated entrepreneurs, we push the boundaries of design and innovation that enable our companies to reach heights at a rapid pace.


We believe in practicing immense discipline and exercising due diligence for our portfolio of companies. Our board assesses risks, market position, historical performance and industry trends to improve processes, over various business elements and operations, to achieve forecasted projections and transformative results.

We believe in investing in multiple avenues of growth to balance our progress. Our successes are not reliant on one driver, but, rather, can be further developed through introduction of new products and services, among other possibilities. This also gives us a sustainable competitive advantage with attractive, long-term business models and a strong market position.


Executive Board

Our Executive Board is composed of four key members with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to our teams and the high expectation for excellence.


Hafiz Hakam

Chief Financial Officer / President


Ned Hakam

Chief Executive Officer


Hieu Nguyen

Chief Technology Officer


Sanam Hakam

Chief Operating Officer

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